THT lab is an industrial and academic research experimental laboratory mainly focused on turbomachinery and energy systems.
logo THT lab

The laboratory is equipped with the following facilities:

1 MW dedicated electric line
Compressed air up to 1 kg/s @10 bar
600 kW pre-heating system up to 700 K
Liquid fuel storage and pumping system up to 45bar, 1.5 MW
Natural gas from local pipeline up to 16bar and 870 kW
Carbon dioxide and Nitrogen high pressure storage system
2x high temperature test cell with separate control room
Wind tunnel capability up to 3 kg/s @ 20 kPa
Rotating test rigs for stator/rotor cavities investigation up to 1000 rpm
Rotating test rigs for gearbox investigations up to 15000 rpm
Workshop for models instrumentation and manufacturing

THT lab is located at the following address:

Via Vittorio Emanuele 32 – Calenzano (FI)



High accuracy pressure scanners (1-250psi range) 0.05% accuracy
Calibrated orifice flowmeters
T and K thermocouple reference junctions
Flir A40M infrared camera
CCD cameras
PCO.1600 cooled digital 14 bit CCD camera
Halogen, xenon and LED lighting systems
High power UV LED illuminator
High speed camera 4MPx, 800Hz-270kHz
120mJ 15Hz dual Yag 532nm laser source
20mJ 10kHz 532nm High Speed laser source
Camera and laser boroscope for endoscopic measurements
High temperature boroscope (up to 1200°C)
Dantec streamline Hot Wire anemometer – 2 channels

Kiel, pitot and 5 holes probes
3 axes traverse system for probe insertion
G.R.A.S. Pressure Microphones 40BD
MONACOR KU-616T 40W Compression drivers

Experimental techniques
Steady state and transient heat transfer measurements
Adiabatic and overall effectiveness measurements
Dantec PIV and Time Resolved PIV
Dynamic pressure and acoustic measurements
Flowfield analysis
Infrared and Thermo-chromic liquid crystals TLC thermography
Pressure Sensitive Paints PSP
Two sources and multi microphones technique