Ergon Research is specialized in a wide range of numerical simulations for the thermo-fluid-dynamic analysis. Our expertise extends from advanced 3-D computations (CFD, FEA) to flow network analysis as well as the use of commercial and proprietary codes for machine performance and power plant simulations.

It is our pride to use most advanced commercial and open-source codes for fluid-dynamic analysis sustained by a large set of in-house developed libraries and codes.

All these tools assist our experience in the study and design of various types of equipment in the field of: heat transfer, aerodynamics and acoustics, combustion and rotating machinery.


CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics
Internal and external aerodynamics
Steady and unsteady flows
Highly compressible flows
Direct simulation of turbulent flows and advanced turbulence modelling
Heat transfer and thermal analysis
Combustion and reactive flows
Fire dynamics
Aerodynamic noise sources identification
Multi-phase flows (discrete particle, Eulerian-Eulerian, free-surface flows)
Rotating machinery
Buoyancy driven flows
Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

Fluid Structure Interaction FSI
Thermal, mechanical and acoustic FEM
Coupled and uncoupled conjugate heat transfer analysis

Power plant simulations
Solar, biomass, steam power plants
HRSG and combined cycles

Flow Networks
1-D aero thermal compressible flow simulations

Machine performance
0-D turbomachinery design and off-design simulations

Available computational solvers
Ansys Mechanical
Ansys Fluent
Ansys CFX
OpenFOAM with additional proprietary libraries
Solid Works