At Ergon we intend the word Research as an attitude towards the development of constantly improved solutions, procedures and products. Our proven experience in the area of heat transfer and combustion permits to supply innovative and optimized answers to our customers’ needs.

Detailed knowledge of the most advanced engineering tools for the aero-thermal design makes Ergon Research able to develop and assess effective design and verification procedures and best practices. Ergon Research achievements in research are testified by the large number of scientific and technical papers published by its associates.

We are pleased to share our gained experience organizing specific training courses about correct use of advanced software for aerothermal analysis as well as about  energy conversion topics specifically tailored on customers’ needs.


Innovative solutions
Energy efficient design
Re-engineering to avoid malfunctioning

Procedures and best practices
Development of numerical and experimental correlations
Development of innovative investigation methodologies
Validation of industrial design tools and practices
Design review against state-of-the-art procedures

Design Of Experiments
Neural networks
Genetic algorithms
Adjoint methods

General heat-transfer
Turbomachinery Secondary Air System: rotating cavities, blade and combustor cooling systems
Blade and combustor cooling system design tools
CFD methods with applications
OpenFOAM use and programming