ATENE – Advanced Technologies for ENergy Efficiency

ATENE project aims at performance improvements for rotating and reciprocating machinery employed in the Oil&Gas and Industrial Power Generation industries. Performance improvements, also including power density increase and reduction of global production and testing process environmental impact, is achieved through a branched workplan. ATENE is structured on a network of SME and research laboratories distributed within Tuscany aimed at appraising local specific excellences. The consortium is composed by 16 partners with 5 research centers, 1 big enterprise and 10 SME. The structure of the proposal organized per technological areas and the network model generate 5 “virtual laboratories” each devoted to a specific Operative Objective.

Ergon Research role in the Project

Ergon Research is involved in three different tasks about the design of innovative systems for the control of secondary air flows in turbomachinery (stator-rotor cavities, seals and internal cooling systems), the analysis of Lean Premixed combustion system and the implementation of new calculation models for turbomachinery performance prediction.


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