Our knowledge results crucial for the development and design of industrial components based on the aerodynamic optimization and on the improvement of the heat transfer process as well as the abatement of acoustic emissions regardless the sector of application.
We are proud of our contributions to the success of various applications spacing in very different environments.
Following a non-thorough list of concluded projects.

Analysis of filters and separators
Aerodynamic and acoustic optimization of collecting and mulching lawn mower blades
Design of cooling systems for polyester film production
Design of thermal blades employed for air-conditioning for civil and industrial purposes
Detailed study of combustion systems such as furnaces and torches
Thermal simulation of PCB and dimensioning of heat sink
Residence time analysis in combustion chamber of waste to energy facilities
Design and validation of cold rooms for pharmaceutical products stoking


Consumer goods
Lawn mowers

Thermal management
Thermal comfort
Cooling systems
PCB cooling
Heat sinks

Combustion chambers
Waste to energy plants

Separation technology