Our personnel have more than ten years experience in the design of laboratory test rigs and the implementation of data acquisition chains as well as in the development of post-processing software. Thanks to the partnership with THT-lab at University of Florence, Ergon Research offers the opportunity of installing in-house wind tunnels fed with both pressurized air at as much as 10bar, 700K and 1kg/s and low pressure air up to 3kg/s. Moreover two dedicated lines allow to fed the test rigs with pressurized liquid or gaseous fuel.

Furthermore we provide our customers the opportunity to perform measurements with cutting-edge instrumentations for both aerodynamic and heat-transfer measurements. Our expertise and facilities may also be an added value to field testing of industrial processes.


Test rig design
Vacuum and pressurized open-loop wind tunnel
High speed and temperature rigs
Rotating facilities
Gear lubrication rigs
Internal acoustics devices
Reactive test benches

Aerodynamic probes design
On-line oil quality analyzers
Data acquisition and post-processing software development

Laboratory testing
Aerodynamic and thermal analysis
Cooling systems evaluation
2D steady and unsteady flow visualization
Turbulent flow characterization
Combustion analysis

Field testing
Industrial proces characterization
Thermodynamic testing
Energy systems rating


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