We are continuously working on the upgrade of several calculation codes that operates in the field of fluid-dynamics and turbomachinery at various levels. In particular we have long term experience in the maintenance and development of customer proprietary software for turbomachinery design and selection.

Ergon Research also offers its capabilities to develop ad-hoc software for the modelling of the aerothermal behavior of specific machine components or defined physical phenomena. These type of tools range from simplified calculation codes based on correlative approaches to additional libraries integrated with 3-D CFD codes.


Maintenance of customer proprietary software
Code upgrading and bug fixing
Development of new routines and algorithms

Development of dedicated calculation tools
Codes for aerothermal design of turbomachinery components
Software for performance analysis
Dedicated models and solvers for CFD analysis with OpenFOAM

Measurements and data analysis
Software for ad-hoc data acquisition
Codes for data analysis and post-processing

Coding languanges